Frequently Asked Questions

If my team is also participating in the Asian Games 2018, can I keep my containers at the venue after the Asian Sailing Championships?

Yes. See the section titled “Container and Insurance” under the Event Info page. Teams will have to park their containers in the designated spaces for containers as directed by the Organising Authority.

Will there be third-party liability insurance that may be purchased on site?

No. See the section titled “Container and Insurance” under the Event Info page.

When will the Regatta Venue be opened for training and practice? What documents do I need to enter?

The Regatta Venue will be opened from 10th June only. See the section titled “Practicing and Training” under the Event Info page for more information on timings. You will require an accreditation card to enter the venue. Teams arriving on the Official Arrival Day (18th June) will be allowed to enter with an organiser’s escort from the security checkpoint at the entrance, for the purposes of registering their teams on-site for accreditation. See also Notice to Competitors No.6 published on the Online Notice Board.

What if I cannot access the Online Notice Board at the venue or elsewhere? Which notice board takes precedence?

The only official notice board is the physical one located at the Regatta Venue with hardcopy documents posted. The online platform is a courtesy from the Organising Authority as a convenience.

What can I do if I cannot submit my Protest/Redress form or Scoring Enquiry online?

As per the Sailing Instructions, hardcopy forms are available from the Race Office to be submitted physically as well, should the online system fail.

What should I do if I lost my accreditation card or I forgot to bring it to the Regatta Venue?

If an accreditation card is lost, it may be replaced at the Race Office by the Organising Authority for a replacement fee of USD 10 per replaced card. If you forgot to bring it to the venue, you will have to return to retrieve it.

Where should I go to if I require first-aid or lost-and-found?

Race Office personnel would be able to assist you. There will be a medic and ambulance on-site at all times.


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