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Clean Jakarta Bay

Indonesia is honored to hosting the 18th Asian Games in 2018, attended by 45 countries with 40 sports, including sport of sailing. Sailing at the Asian Games since the 1970 edition and has been held at every edition since, after not being included in 1974. Sailing competition at Asian Games 2018 is held at the latest venue with world-class facility at Indonesia National Sailing Center, Taman Marina, Ancol, Jakarta.

In December 2017 Sailing Road to the 2018 Asian Games was held at Ancol Carnaval beach which was part of 2018 Asian Games pre-event. During the event, Technical Delegate Mr. Takao Otani, received complaint from participating countries about the waste condition of Jakarta Bay, as the coastal and marine areas of Jakarta Bay were filled with garbage and water pollution. That condition is serious as waste and water pollution would affect athlete ability when doing race. What also dangerous is the plastic waste causes marine and coastal ecosystems damage. Mr. Takao Otani informed Jakarta Bay’s condition to Inasgoc as the Asian Games 2018 organizing committee, considering that the Bay is the venue of sailing competition.

In line with the central and regional government program to cleaning the river and sea, including Jakarta Bay from waste, some clean-up by communities also continue at coastal and bay area. However, when 17th Asian Sailing Championship held at the Indonesia National Sailing Center, Marina Ancol, Jakarta on June 18-25, 2018, complaints still occurred from several participating countries about Jakarta Bay dirty condition. Part of those garbage was also indicated from the boats in the venue.

After communicating the Jakarta Bay situation to Inasgoc, Mr. Takao Otani took the initiative to create a "Clean Jakarta Bay" program for Asian Games 2018, particularly in sailing venue. Athletes, jury, coaches, media, VIP guests, and anyone in the boat, will be given a net bag. This net bag is a trash container while in the boat at the water. No rubbish left at the boat and the most important is to stay away from dumping trash into the water and

Hopefully the Clean Jakarta Bay initiative will remain beyond the Asian Games and become a support for the Jakarta regional government which now continuing works on clean up the Jakarta Bay.


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