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Day 7 Race : Second Rest Day Before Final Race

Another rest day for all classes before final race tomorrow. First main activity for today was general rehearsal for medal winner ceremony with organizing committee team, Paskriba (flag bearer team), and Inasgoc protocol team. Second activity was visiting Indonesia legendary Tall Ship KRI Dewaruci for all organizing committee team and International & National Technical Officer. Tall ship KRI Dewaruci has been docked at Jakarta Bay since Day 1 as background at sailing venue.

Tall Ship KRI Dewaruci is a class A barquentine build by H.C. Stolcken Soch and originally constructed in Germay in 1932, but was suspended due to World War II. The ship was completed in 1952 and launched in 1953. This ship is the largest tall ship in the Indonesian fleet operated by the Indonesian Navy and used as a sail training vessel for naval cadets and serves as a goodwill ambassador for the country of Indonesia to the rest of the world. The ship also holds a mission to promote Indonesian Tourism through the “Wonderful Indonesia” brand.

The Dewaruci always participates in tall ship races and events around the world. As unique feature, the ship has her own marching band. Her name and figurehead represent and display the mythological Indonesian Javanese god of truth and courage.

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