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Day 3 Race : Good Wheather helps Sailing Team for having a good Race

On the third day of Asian Games sailing competition, hot tropical day in Jakarta bay didn’t discourage Asian sailors battling the game. Sailors completed another two races today.

Today’s wind speed about 14 knot, a good wind, also good wave and current condition for the race. What was interesting that some classes such as Laser 47, Laser Radial, and Standard Laser carried out within 1 KM from seashore, easily to watch the race from the seashore. Everyone, including visitors and VIP guest such as Chief de Mission Uni Emirat Arab and KONI Monitoring Evaluation team, pretty much enjoyed the race in today sunny Sunday afternoon. Another attractive action from today’s race was relay race for windsurfing RS One class.

Akbar, a photographer from Antara News Agency is taking media boat trip 3 days in a row. On the first day, he got sea motion sickness but managed to shoot some photos. Today was Akbar third day on media boat and he said, “On the first day, I was not in a good condition. I didn’t get my breakfast and less sleep, that’s why I got sea motion sickness. All is well today, my body well adapted now and I took lots of good pictures J”

Aiko Saito, Japan Team Manager thought, “Amazing preparation, I do not expect that Indonesia has such a world class facilities like this venue! The only thing to improve is having permanent water break.”

Megat Fairuz, Malaysia Team Manager said, “ I’m surprise and proud that Asian, particularly Indonesia can provide this world class competition. As neighboring country, we’re willing to help on the biggest challenge, what next beyond the games for Asia and Indonesia.

Korea Team Manager also added, “Very good services and helpful volunteers.”

Admiral Darwanto, President of the Indonesian Sailing Federation hopes that having world-class facility will improve Indonesia achievement.

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