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Day 2 Race : Korean Team Enthusiast in Sailing Race

Day two of sailing competition on sunny Saturday August 25, 2018, athletes completed 3 races as scheduled, accumulated 5 races for the series. Starting signal all racing displayed 12:05. All athletes are still going strong and enthusiast. Today was critical period to lead the winning game.

Beach Master area and other competition-related things are now much manageable under direction of Takao Otani, Sailing Technical Delegate. Spotted on the area was a smiling a stray cat who still back and forth supporting the athletes.

On this second day, a group of spectator visited the venue. Now spectator was allowed to watch the race from seashore at the venue. They were so excited and full curiosity as this was the first time they watch sailing race. What made them happy the most was when wind surfing athletes from Korea just finish the race and reach the seashore, they took a chance to greet them and shook hand .

Feeding their curiosity, spectators also asking many questions related to sailing such as, what is exactly the sport of sailing, what’s the rule of the game, etc. Thanks to field workers and volunteers patiently answers those questions. Hopefully this would be a good start for sport of sailing becoming more popular in public.

Second day competition completed 3 races. It was running quite well with protests lodged by some countries. Result can be viewed on the Official Notice Board at the venue, or can be accessed at

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