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Day 1 Race : Fantastic day on Sailing Venue

On the bright sunny day 24 August 2018, Marina Ancol venue was packed with a crowd of people exciting to watch first day of sailing competition at 18th Asian Games. The crowd was not only from athletes, officials, organizing committees and volunteers, but also journalists from domestic and foreign media, and VIP guests. What surprising was a group of people spotted also at sailing venue as they already bought ticket online and eager to watch the race. The problem was there was no spectator boat to go out on the water since the sailing committee had been told previously no spectator for sailing competition. Reality was, sailing tickets was available online and now the tickets sold out. We didn’t know where the messiness came from but finally all the inconvenience was able to settle by Venue Manager Jhony Awuy and his team. Anybody with ticket is allowed to enter the spectator area, no spectator boat available and watching the race from seashore. Similarly to public who visit the venue on the spot will be allowed to enter spectator area for free.

Besides all the hassle and nitty-gritty during preparation and practice day, lastly on the first competition everything was overall under control. From accreditation, transportation, accommodation, competition stuff, to catering all were set and function quite well under coordination of Iwan Ngantung as Competition Manager, and Takao Otani at the helm of Technical Delegate.

Before the competition began, some Moslem committees and volunteers praying together to give support for all athletes and hope the competition running well.

It was almost noon when all athletes passionately start rigging their boats and ready to sail to the sailing arena. At the same time, spotted a stray cat back and forth in the boat park. Seemed that the stray cat also feels the Asian Games energy and supporting Asia’s sailors fighting to give their best to sailing race.

For media and broadcast, the committee provided boats for photo journalist and cameraman to take some sport action photos and footages from the sea during the race. So did for the VIP guests. Attended the briefing was a must for photographer and cameraman, also VIP guest before off to the board for technical and non-technical consideration. The media boat restricted for photographer and cameraman only, no journalist and broadcaster allowed. The trip itself took about 2 – 3 hours depending on the route choices and other things. When talked about non-technical stuff during boat trip, that would include possibility to get sea motion sickness. Boat trip and sea voyage in general is not for everyone that’s for sure. Some people has lower tolerance of sea motion sickness and could suddenly get dizzy, vomit, and passed out. That happened today on the media boat trip. A photographer could not handled motion sickness coming from the rough sea and could not handle vomit. Lucky, the photographer already took anti motion sickness pill and after some time of adaptation was able to finish the task, taking some sailing action photos.

First day race was running quite well. At 15.15 all classes getting to the finish lane. After the race some team lodged protests, and finally at 9.00 pm all result can be viewed on the Official Notice Board at the venue, or can be accessed at

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